He’s My Soulmate! 9 Things Your Sixth Sense Will Tell You When You Meet “the One”

What does it feel like to meet your “soulmate”? It’s all a mystery to those who have yet to experience such a moment. But you can still learn from other people’s experiences, so you won’t miss your chance—or misinterpret your intuitions. This time, based on our survey of women, we introduce “He’s my soulmate! 9 things your sixth sense will tell you when you meet ‘the one.’”

1. It all feels familiar, like you’ve met him before

“I had to ask him if we’d met before (lol). But he was also feeling the same way.” Some women feel a sense of closeness the moment they meet “the one.” It’s a little cliché, but you could ask him, “Have we met before?” to move things forward.