“I’ll make fool out of myself asking her out.” 5 Characteristics of Women Who Discourage Men from Asking Them Out

While you don’t give a second thought about how you are behaving around men, you may be sending out an aura that prevents men from asking you out. Today, we asked over 200 single men, aged in their 20s and early 30s, to share some of the characteristics women exhibit that they feel make it difficult to ask them out.

1. A woman who claims that she’s always busy.

“If she’s that busy, how can I ask her to make time for me?” a man in his late 20s wonders, applying logic. If you’re in the habit of uttering, “I’m so busy”, men will assume that you won’t even have the time to go on a date with them. Try to ditch the “busy” phrase out of your vocabulary. Instead, start emphasizing that you are wide open on the weekends.