5 Moments When A Man Realizes He’s Not Helping Himself Win Your Heart

Before he gathers up the courage to ask you out, there’s a period of time when he feels conflict within. He likes you, but he doesn’t know how to act around you or how to process his feelings. Unfortunately, this may manifest into giving you the cold shoulder or avoiding you altogether. Of course, he soon realizes that he’s not helping himself.

1. When he tries not to make eye contact with you.

Surprisingly, many men responded that they try not to gaze at women that they like. You may think he’s uninterested in you, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. “I don’t want her to know that I’m fond of her, so I look away every time our eyes meet,” a man in his 20s confessed. It turns out that many men are more naïve than they look. Don’t be disappointed just because he doesn’t look at you.