5 Messages to Make Him Notice You Want to Go On a Date

Many women feel shy about asking their crush out on a date, even when they really want to. If you’re like this, you should know what kind of message you can send to get him to ask you out. We asked women for their advice on the issue, and share five messages you can send that will make him realize you’d love nothing more than for him to ask you on a date.

1. Talk to him about what you feel like doing: “I really want to see that movie!”

A lot of women use this approach as a way to suggest a date plan. A woman in her 20s explained, “It makes it easier for him to ask me out this way. Also, going to the movies is an easy first date.” Keep in mind that you should suggest a movie he might be interested in watching, too, otherwise he might not feel as motivated to make a plan with you.