9 Moments When Guys Feel That “Women Are Too Much Work”

Your boyfriend is normally cheerful and kind, but has he ever suddenly gotten into a bad mood or started to act cold? This could be because you did something that irritates him. This time, we asked guys to give us their views on moments when they feel “women are too much work.” Do you normally say or do any of the 9 things listed below? Let’s take a look.

1. When everything she says is about her.

Guys get annoyed when women are too self-centered when dating. You might ask your boyfriend to see you when you know he is busy, you might be the one who always decides where you go on a date, or you might criticize where your boyfriend takes you on a date. It annoys guys when you don’t take their circumstances and feelings into consideration. Do you feel that you don’t want to take your boyfriend’s opinions into consideration, or that you’re not in the same boat when it comes to compromising? If so, you need to be careful because you may not be aware that you are being selfish with him.