8 Things That Your Boyfriend Would Rather Not Know About You

From embarrassing experiences to financial problems to private info, there’s a lot of stuff that you’re better off keeping your boyfriend in the dark about. These things tend to get out anyway, though, and many a relationship has gone cold thanks to sudden revelations. Read on to find out the things your boyfriend would rather not know about you.

1. How many boyfriends you’ve had.

On one hand, guys usually want to know this, but on the other hand, they usually don’t end up liking what they hear. We received comments such as, “It wasn’t a big number at all, but he got this weird impression that I’m easy,” and “I guess he’d been in fewer relationships than me, because he started acting distant ever since we talked about it,” revealing that guys can be pretty shallow when it comes to your dating history. If your boyfriend asks, you might want to consider rounding the number down.