5 Hurtful Things Introverted Women Unintentionally Do on a First Date

Going on a first date is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for introverted women. You need to keep in mind that the little things you do out of shyness could hurt your date’s feelings if you’re not careful. This time, we asked 170 single guys in their teens to their 20s for their opinions, and introduce “Hurtful things introverted women do unintentionally on a first date.”

1. She walks two meters away from him, even though they’re on their own.

Your date will misunderstand your good intentions when you give him too much space while you walk together. “I thought she didn’t even want to walk next to me,” said a teen. If you don’t want him to notice that you’re feeling nervous, put a smile on your face and walk beside him. This will help you appear more natural.