“She’s a Keeper!” 5 Types of Women Guys Consider Dating with Marriage in Mind

Once you get close to your crush, you may want to position yourself as someone he would consider dating with marriage in mind, rather than a temporary girlfriend. But what types of women do guys choose to be in a serious relationship with? This time, we asked single guys in their teens to 20s for their opinions and introduce five types of women men date when they have thoughts of marriage on the horizon.

1. She’s not afraid to call him out.

Guys treasure women who are not afraid to point out when he’s doing something wrong. “You might hesitate to tell the other person what they have done wrong, but it’s to help them grow,” a guy in his 20s stated. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion when you have something to say. If you are worried that your crush would stop liking you because of it, don’t worry. You actually gain his trust by helping him improve himself.