9 Sexy Gestures that Stick with Men

One of the symbolic attractions men find in women is their sex appeal. Men are especially awestruck by the sex appeal of models and movie stars. They often can’t take their eyes off the TV screen. There are many situations where men find women sexy, but do you know what they are? Today, we introduce you to some of the gestures and situations that drive men crazy.

1. When you brush your hair up with your fingers.

This is one of the classic gestures of a mature women. Similarly, shaking your hair in the air or fluffing your hair casually has the same effect on men. Men associate these gestures with beautiful and mature women and find them irresistible. If your hair is fragrant, the effect on men is even greater. However, this is only applicable to women with long hair, so if your hair is short, you’ll need to try other tactics.