9 Things Girls Who Are Still Attached to Their Ex-Boyfriends Can’t Get Rid Of

Even after your relationship ends, sometimes it’s really hard to forget your ex-boyfriend. For girls with this problem, their attachment to their exes is so strong that they end up hanging onto mementos from the relationship as well as the memories. In this installment, we’re introducing things girls who are attached to their ex-boyfriends can’t get rid of, based on a survey of girls.

1. Messages from your ex-boyfriend.

“I have messages from when things were going well that I’ve saved,” said one girl. When you’re still feeling attached, you can’t bring yourself to get rid of the conversations from those fun times, even if the content is nothing significant. But even if you reread them, you can’t go back to that time. Keeping them around can make it even harder for you to forget about him and move on, so make a clean break and delete them.