5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Coworker to Go on a Date with You

Most women take a careful approach when asking a male coworker out on a date, because they worry about the consequences if he says no. How can you ask a coworker out without making it feel awkward? This time, we asked single guys in their 20s and 30s for tips on the topic, and introduce sure-fire ways to get your coworker to go on a date with you.

1. Keep it professional: “Why don’t we discuss this over lunch?”

A guy in his 20s suggested, “It’s quite common to have a meeting outside of the office.” Your coworker will likely accept your invitation when it’s for a meeting. He will likely be in full work-mode, so you might have to elaborate if you want him to notice that there’s more to it than just business. You can say something like, “It’ll be nice to have enough time to talk to you.”