9 Unreasonable Demands that Aggravate Your Boyfriend to No End

Even if you have the kindest, most generous boyfriend, you’ll generally want to avoid being too demanding if you want to maintain a successful relationship. A stream of unreasonable demands can push your once-kind boyfriend over the edge, causing angry silences, shouting matches, or worse. To help you avoid discord, we’ve created a list of “9 unreasonable demands that aggravate your boyfriend to no end,” with the help of male survey data.

1. Asking him to “make you laugh” on a whim

“Who do you think you are?!” Your boyfriend is not your personal jester or comedian, and it isn’t his job to prepare a set of jokes to entertain you at will. While you might think this is an innocent request to lighten the mood, you should try to offer your own funny stories rather than expecting him to entertain you all the time.