5 Reasons Women Find It Beneficial to Date Men Who Are Not Their First Pick

Surprisingly, many women say they have dated men who did not exactly fit the vision of the man of their dreams.. Despite the comments like, “I wasn’t madly in love,” or “I didn’t feel the need to date him,” they decided to go out with these men just for fun. When we think about these unlikely fairy tales, we imagine so many negative issues, but, truth be told, they may not be all that bad. Today, we gathered a panel of single women aged between their late teens and late 20s and asked them to share their experience when they dated the “second best” men.

1. He made me realize that my “type” was actually not compatible for me.

“I always thought I liked strong men who take the lead, but it turned out that I’m quite comfortable with taking charge myself!” chuckles a woman in her late teens. By dating a polar opposite type, you may discover something you didn’t know about yourself. Even if you didn’t fall in love at first sight, something about him make you think it’s okay to date him. That may just well be the sign.