9 “Clingy Behaviors” of Girls Who Love Their Boyfriend Too Much

You know you will regret afterwards, but when your heart grows fonder for your boyfriend it’s easy to become clingy against your better judgment. In order to stop yourself at the critical moment, learn from the mistake of others. Find out which lines you should never cross. We surveyed women to find out controlling behaviors of girls who love their boyfriend too much.

1. You always want to ask your boyfriend, “What are you up to at the moment?”

“I used to call him whenever I started to wonder… I think that’s really annoying myself!” Your insecurity means you can’t stop contacting your boyfriend. He might be happy if it is still early days in your relationship. However, if you are not considerate of the situation he might be in—whether he’s in a shared office, for example—he’s going to find your constant phone calls irritating.