5 Characteristics of a Woman Who Knows Herself

Do you loathe those women who do anything to attract a man’s attention? You are not alone. Even men can see through those shallow attempts to lure them into making a commitment. Today, based on a survey we conducted, we compiled the opinions of young, single men, aged between their late teens and late 20s, based on what they feel is most attractive about self-assured women.

1. You prefer to act independently.

“She’s not like a typical woman- she doesn’t force herself to blend in with other women. Sometimes, she prefers to read a book alone, and that’s so mysterious to me,” a man in his late teens describes. Women who don’t feel uneasy about being alone are rare and attract men’s attention. It also makes it easier for a man to approach a woman without a group of friends hovering over her. Try distancing yourself from the rest of the crowd once in a while.