5 Signals an Introverted Man Sends His Crush

An “I like you” message from an introverted man can be quite subtle and may be difficult to decipher. You may miss it altogether if you’re not careful. You probably need to be extra vigilant around him so that you won’t ignore the subtlest of signs. Today, we surveyed more than 500 single women, aged between their late teens and early 30s, and they shared with us some of the subtle signs they’ve witnessed from introverted men.

1. He sends a quick message every day.

“I don’t think he would send a message to someone he’s not interested in, and the consistency is key here,” shares a young woman in her late teens. If he sends you a message daily, regardless of the length or the content, it’s an indication that he wants to get acquainted with you. Try responding with a message that requires more effort on his part to answer and see how he reacts.