9 Confessions of Your Homebody Boyfriend

Your boyfriend likes to stay at home, even on his days off. I’m sure some of you feel frustrated, thinking “I want to go out on a date once in a while!” In order to persuade your homebody boyfriend out, you should first understand why he doesn’t want to go and then come up with some appropriate strategies. For this article, we surveyed men and asked, “Why do you avoid going out with your girlfriend?” Here are the results.

1. He doesn’t have the money to go out

There is a common belief among men that going out always costs money or that they will automatically be the one who pays. He might appreciate it if, once in a while, you suggest a date that doesn’t cost anything. Also, if he always picks up the tab, make a suggestion like “Should we split the bill today?” With this, you might find him more motivated to leave the house.