5 Ways to Hold Back Anger When Your Live-In Boyfriend Irritates You

Even if you love your boyfriend, he may still feel like a stranger when you first move in together.. When couples living together start to see the unpleasant things about their partners, it can get difficult to hold back resentment. Based on the advice we gathered from single women in their teens and 20s, we share some ways to hold back your anger when your boyfriend starts to irritate you.

1. Go to a different room to calm down.

Some women recommended going to a different room to allow yourself to calm down. “I usually feel calmer once I get some physical distance from my boyfriend,” commented a woman in her 20s. If you share a small space together, or if you don’t have another room to go to, try getting some fresh air on the balcony or at the entrance. This is sure to help your mood change.