5 Moments When Guys Get Turned Off by Women Who They Used to Find Cute

It’s upsetting when a guy who used to have a crush on you suddenly realizes that he’s actually not into you and you’re not as attractive as he thought. You need to know what you should watch out for in order to avoid finding yourself in that situation. This time, we asked single guys in their teens to their 20s to share with us the times when they’re turned off by women who they used to find attractive.

1. When he realized that she’s beautiful, but foul-mouthed.

Guys tend to get a bad impression of women who are foul-mouthed, especially if they’re beautiful. “I’m not sure if she was in a bad mood, but I heard her yelling, ‘You piece of shit!’ She’s beautiful like a fairy, so I was shocked,” commented a teen. If you know that you have a foul mouth, you should make an effort to speak more politely.