9 Final Phrases to Make Guys Reconsider Breaking Up

If your boyfriend says he wants to break up, do you just cry and accept it? Surely you’d like to know if there’s some last-ditch effort you can try that will make him think twice. In this installment, we’ll be sharing final phrases that can make your boyfriend reconsider breaking up, based on the opinions of our male readers.

1. “No way…” Mumble under your breath as your eyes fill up with tears.

“Guys have a weakness for women’s tears, and if she said it straight out, that would make me reconsider things,” said one guy. When some guys hear a woman blurt out her true feelings and see those tears, it makes them reconsider their relationship. Don’t go overboard and cry your eyes out, though—that could have the opposite effect. Just keep it to a barely noticeable level.