8 Moments When You Feel that Your Girlfriend Is Cooling on You

Even though your love for your boyfriend hasn’t diminished, little words or behaviors can still lead to a misunderstanding – that maybe you’ve “cooled” on him. So what kinds of things make men think that their girlfriends are treating them coldly? Here we asked men to describe the moments that make them wonder if their girlfriends are cooling on them.

1. When she’s late replying to his emails

It appears that many men worry that their girlfriends’ feelings for them have cooled because their email replies keep coming late. Surely many women know that situation – when you first started dating, you immediately returned his emails, but as the relationship went on longer, your replies took longer and longer. Your boyfriend, waiting for your reply, may fall deeper into insecurity. “Maybe she’s found someone else…” If you don’t want to make your boyfriend anxious, try to reply as soon as you possibly can.