9 Ways to Stop Being That Clingy Girlfriend

You’ve finally got a man in your life that you love, and you can’t help but show him all of your affection. Suddenly, however, you find your man breaking up with you because the love you wanted to show came across as clingy. But you don’t quite understand how your love translated into “clingy.” So we asked other women what they have done (or don’t do) to stop being that “clingy girlfriend” and compiled the following list.

1. Stop asking him “What did you do today?” every day.

“Of course, I’m super curious about what he did that day, but I try not to ask him every day.” Even if it’s not your intention, no man wants to feel like he is being interrogated on a daily basis. Hold back from asking him as much as you can, but if you can’t help it, share what you did first to indirectly encourage his reciprocation.