9 Softcore BDSM Moves Men Secretly Want to Try

If your boyfriend were to ever mention trying BDSM with you, images of whips and hot dripping candles may cross your mind. Perhaps this is why many men refrain from even mentioning the word BDSM out of fear of being judged as some psychotic sadist. Whips and candles are usually associated with hardcore BDSM, but there’s also softcore BDSM which is less intimidating. We surveyed men to bring you nine softcore BDSM moves men secretly want to try so you can keep an open mind next time.

1. Dirty talk

“There’s no risk of taking things too far or hurting her. It’s easy to do.” Some men are interested in dirty talk since they don’t have to prepare any tools/toys. If your man starts talking to you dirty, answer him in a shy demeanor and this should get his dominant nature going.