9 Things You Can Say to Encourage Your Boyfriend If He’s Worried About His New Job

If your boyfriend’s starting a new job, you’ll naturally want him to go in with a positive attitude. Whether he’s wracked with nerves or wallowing in gloom, give him a boost to help him tackle his first day on the job. In this article, based on a survey answered by guys, we introduce 9 things you can say to encourage your boyfriend if he’s worried about his new job.

1. Be logical: “You made it into the company, so now you have to do your best!”

“I already know it’s true, so if she said it as well I’d think, ‘That’s right!’” and it’d strengthen my resolve.” Just by saying something that sounds obvious, you can help him recover his motivation. You don’t want to end up lecturing him repetitively and becoming a pain, though, so be aware when it’s time to quit.