5 Reasons a Guy Decides to Commit to a Relationship

It can be hard for some guys to be in a committed relationship, especially if they have the ability to attract women without doing anything. But there are certain types of women that make that kind of guy want to commit. What kind of qualities do they have? We asked 115 single guys in their teens and their 20s for their opinions, and, based off of their answers, share with you five things that make a guy commit to a relationship.

1. He feels reassured when he’s with her.

Some guys said that their “soulmate” would be a woman who can provide a sense of emotional stability. “I think it’s best to be with someone who makes you feel safe,” a guy in his 20s explained. Some women are happy to just be popular. However, if you want to be loved by someone special, the shortcut is to work on what’s inside of you.