9 Unforgivable Lies that Make Guys Decide to Break Up

There are a lot of nice guys out there who turn a blind eye to little lies their girlfriends tell, but there are some lies that are so unforgivable they drive guys to break up with their girlfriends immediately. In this installment, we’ll be sharing 9 of these unforgivable lies with you, based on a survey of guys.

1. She said, “You’re my first boyfriend,” but then I found out she’s been with a lot of other guys.

“It made me feel like, every time she smiled at me, it was all a lie,” said one guy. Lots of guys feel that lying about sexual experience is unforgivable. Regardless of the fact that some guys value purity in a girl, saying you’re a virgin when you actually have abundant experience is likely to cause problems down the road.