9 Things to Say to Get a Manly Man Excited

“I thought he was an aggressive guy, but for some reason he won’t make a move.” Surely you are familiar with this situation. So, what can you do to light a fire in a man like this? Here are some lines that can put your partner in a sexy mood. We asked our female readers to tell us about “things to say that will get a manly man excited, and immediately take you to bed!”

1. “I’m yours: you can do whatever you like”

“No meat-eating man will refuse bait when it’s right there for the taking (lol).” If you take advantage of the habits of a man with a voracious appetite, you can easily turn him on. But it might be a good idea to give a sweet, shy smile while looking him right in the eye when you say it, so that he won’t think that you’re just making a joke.