9 Ways to Reaffirm Your Love for Your Boyfriend When You’re Tempted to Cheat

You may really regret letting your current happiness slip away because of a moment of affection for someone else. It doesn’t hurt to know a few tricks that will help you reaffirm your feelings for your boyfriend, so in this article, we present 9 ways to reaffirm your love for your boyfriend when you’re tempted to cheat based on what we found when we surveyed our female readers.

1. Pour cold water on your temptation:

“You might think, ‘Actually, he’s kind of in love with his own appearance,’ and be able to cool off.” By coolly evaluating the guy you’ve got your eye on, you can return your feelings to normal. If you think someone other than your boyfriend is attractive and your heart is in danger of wandering, try asking yourself, “Really? Why would I want to leave my boyfriend for that guy?”