5 Sure-Fire Ways to Let Him Know It’s the Right Time to Ask You Out

Many women aren’t sure how to get a guy that they like to ask them out on a date. You might feel hesitant to make an obvious approach, and may prefer dropping a few hints to get him to notice. We spoke with 181 single women in their teens and 30s and, based on their responses, share with you five sure-fire ways to let him know that it’s the right time to ask you out.

1. Complain that you have nothing to do on your days off.

Let him know that you spend your days off alone and feel lonely. “If you drop a hint like this and he doesn’t ask you out, I would move on to the next guy,” said a woman in her 20s. However, you need to be careful not to overuse this strategy, because if he thinks that you have no friends, he might start questioning if there’s something wrong with your personality.