5 Differences Between a Committed Girlfriend and a Needy One

No one wants their boyfriend to think that they are being needy when they’re just trying to be affectionate. But, it’s important to know that your gestures of love can be misunderstood when you cross the line. This time, we asked single guys in their teens to their 20s to share their opinions on the topic. We share with you the differences between a committed girlfriend and a needy girlfriend.

1. When her boyfriend finishes his work late, a committed girlfriend will wish him a good night’s rest, while a needy girlfriend will selfishly ask to see him.

Pushing your boyfriend to see you when he gets home late will give an impression that you’re being needy. “My girlfriend stays up until 2 or 3 am, just waiting for me to get home. I think she’s being too clingy,” said a guy in his 20s. It’s important for you to find ways to enjoy the nights you have to yourself.