7 Reasons Guys Take Their New Girlfriends to Places They Used to Go with Their Ex

While on a date, has your boyfriend ever acted in a way that make you think, “This must not be the first time he’s been to this place”? This might make you curious about his past. More specifically, you might start wondering why he took you there. This time, we introduce “7 reasons guys take their new girlfriends to places they used to go with their ex.”

1. He simply likes the place and enjoys himself when he is there

Your boyfriend’s intent might be unrelated to his ex-girlfriend, something as simple as “I just want to see the ocean,” or “I love going to hot springs.” You should be able to find out what’s really on his mind when you ask why he’s taking you there. If this is his reason, he will be excited to see you enjoy your time with him there, too.