5 Traits in Guys That Make Them Un-dateable (No Matter How Attractive They Are)

Every woman sees something special in a guy she wants to date. The reason for this attraction can vary from “he’s fun to talk to,” “he’s good looking,” to “he makes me feel comfortable.” However, you need to give careful thought before starting a relationship with him. This time, we asked single women in their teens to their 20s for their opinions on the topic. We introduce five traits in guys that make them impossible to date, no matter how attractive they may be.

1. He always exaggerates his stories or is a habitual liar.

“He told me he used to play the guitar in a band and almost debuted as a professional. I asked him to play something, but he couldn’t even hold the F chord,” commented a woman in her 20s. You need to be careful of guys who make up stories just to look good in front of women. Sooner or later, he might cause problems that you won’t be able to forgive. Guys who have a habit of lying will not make a good boyfriend.

2. He’s fun to hang out with, but his stories are usually too good to be true.

“He’s very persuasive so I started to get scared. Even if he were to tell me something unrealistic, like ‘I’m related to Donald Trump,’ he will find a way to make me believe it,” explained a teen. Don’t let your guard down so easily when you’re seeing a guy with a big mouth. Guys who know how to talk are popular, but they can also be sneaky. They know how to change up the story to suit their needs. Before you decide to have a relationship with him, you need to examine what kind of a person he really is.

3. He’s cheated on his girlfriend before.

“He’s really handsome and I wanted to date him just for his looks. But I heard he cheated on his girlfriend with six other women, so I reconsidered it,” said a teen. It’s better to stay away from guys who can’t commit. You might hope that love will alter him, but it’s unlikely that his nature will change. It’s better to give up and save yourself from unnecessary heartache.

4. He has a habit of gambling or has money problems.

“We get along so well and he’s a lot of fun, but I distanced myself once I found out he spends half of his salary on pinball games,” revealed a woman in her 20s. You shouldn’t get too involved with guys who are hopeless with money. Unless he has a special reason, such as taking on debt to save his family business, you should remember that you wouldn’t have a bright future with a guy who gets himself in financial trouble.

5. He’s sleazy and tells everyone that he has friends with benefits.

“He says he’s good in bed, but I found out that he sleeps around as we continued to talk. I don’t want to get STDs and I think he’s a jerk,” stated a woman in her 20s. Don’t let your guard down so easily when you’re attracted to a guy who sleeps around. Such guys are best avoided because you never know if you’ll end up as one of his “friends with benefits.”