5 Signs That He’s Thinking of Asking You Out Again

After the first date, you’ll be consumed by the nagging question: “Will there be a second date?” Regardless of whether this will turn into a long-term relationship or not, you have to score that second date to know if you have a chance with him. Today, we gathered over 150 young single men aged between their late teens and early 30s to see what particular questions they ask women when they’re thinking about asking them out again.

1. He asks about your favorite activity or places you love to visit.

“I have to study her likes and dislikes in order to plan my next date,” tells a man in his early 20s. If he’s obviously surveying what you enjoy, there’s a good chance he’s thinking of asking you out again. On the other hand, despite your indirect but relatively easy requests (such as movie or casual dining), if he doesn’t suggest a follow-up date right then and there, he may not be interested in you at all.