5 Comments That Halt His Temptation to Cheat on Her

Even when you trust him completely, once in a while, you cannot silence that little voice in your head that whispers “…what if?” You never know when an opportunity will suddenly appear in front of him. You need to have already put preventative measures in place, should this happen, to prevent him from succumbing to temptation. Today, we gathered a group of young single men aged between their late teens and late 20s, and asked them if they have ever had second thoughts about cheating because of something their girlfriend had said.

1. “I believe in you.” Indicate total trust.

“She looked me straight in my eyes and said that she trusted me. I can’t cheat on her after that!” a man in his late teens said, confirming the effect. Your trust conveyed in simple words is quite effective in preventing his eyes from wandering over to someone else. Be careful however: repeating it too many times will not only start to sound nagging, but it may also produce an adverse effect. He may think you don’t trust him at all. When you use this phrase, make it short and sweet.