9 Things Guys Don’t Want Anyone, Including His Girlfriend, to Interfere With

There are things we don’t want other people to interfere with, and people who are closest to us are no exception. This time, we surveyed guys to introduce “things guys don’t want anyone, including their girlfriend, to interfere with.”

1. The way he selects movies, comic books, and novels.

“That’s like criticizing who I am as a person.” Guys who take an interest in popular culture find it intolerable that someone would criticize their choice of entertainment. When your date expresses enthusiasm for something, it’s best not to make negative comments like “That’s boring.” He might think you don’t see eye-to-eye and stop inviting you out.

2. The way he spends money on his passion and hobbies.

“It’s my money. It has nothing to do with her.” Guys who are invested in their hobbies find it extremely irritating when women criticize the amount of money they spend on them. If you try to interfere, he might say, “I can’t be with you because you don’t understand my hobbies.” It’s better to stay out of it—unless he crosses the line, such as borrowing money to continue his hobbies.

3. His relationship with his family that others cannot fully understand.

“She needs to stay out of it because it’s my family’s problem.” When it comes to interacting with family members and their issues, most guys want their girlfriend to stay out of it because “she doesn’t know much about it.” People outside of the family often don’t know the history behind what’s happening, so it’s best not to make careless comments about his situation.

4. What he chooses to wear and how he styles his hair, which he sees as an expression of his individuality.

“I have my own style. I wouldn’t change a thing, even if my girlfriend asked.” People express their personality through the clothing they wear, so it’s best not to criticize them for it. Compliment your boyfriend when you like what he’s wearing. This is a kinder way of encouraging him to wear more of what you think makes him look good.

5. His own work process.

“It’s annoying when she says something like she’s some sort of expert.” Everyone has his own process when it comes to work. You might upset your boyfriend if you keep interfering with what he does, so offer your views only when he asks you for advice.

6. His interaction with his ex-girlfriend when he’s not hiding anything.

“Is she suspicious? That’s a bit of a shock.” Trying to control how your boyfriend interacts with his exes can create the impression that you suspect he is cheating. If you are concerned about his friendship with an ex, show you are upset in a cute way by saying, “That makes me a little bit jealous.”

7. The way he hangs out with his friends, which is a different kind of fun from spending time with his girlfriend.

“Once I’m dating, do I have to choose between my friends and my girlfriend?” Guys feel suffocated when their girlfriend limits how much time they spend hanging out with their friends. If your boyfriend only goes out a few times a month, just let him go and wish him a great time.

8. How he drinks and how much he drinks to destress.

“It’s not like I drink so much that it’s harmful to my body.” Cautioning your boyfriend about his drinking will not go down well, so don’t do it, unless he drinks so much that it’s unhealthy. Listen to his side of the story, and then you can gently say, “Don’t drink too much because I get worried.”

9. His life plans that he has to decide himself, like getting a job, going to school and getting married.

“I will make my own decisions. Please stay out of it!” Guys, especially stubborn guys, will not appreciate their girlfriend telling them what they should do. As a girlfriend, you can do more than enough by showing your support, such as telling him, “You can do it.”