5 Hints to Drop that Show You’re Interested in Him

The first stage in any relationship is making the difficult decision of whether or not to tell him how you feel. You’ll face a conundrum… you want him to know how you feel, but you’re too scared of getting rejected. Before you even try to deal with this dilemma, let’s lay the groundwork so that he’ll gradually notice the clues you dangle in front of him. So, what exactly are those clues? What would be the most straightforward sign that would make a man to notice you?

1. Get closer for some affectionate touching.

For most men, physical contact is definitely the most direct way to capture their attention. “When we were at a party, I noticed that she was always within arm’s reach and paid particular attention to me by making frequent contact,” recalls a man. Still, don’t be all over him, or you’ll get a bad reputation of being easy or clingy. Consider the time and place before you get too intimate with him.