5 Advantages of Dating Someone 10+ Years Older Than You

Age-gap relationships have attracted attention through the ages, the most notable of which are young women dating older men. But if you’re not into older men yourself, you might not understand why other women go for it. Opening up the age range of guys you date can give you opportunities to enjoy the rich flavors of romance. So, this time, we introduce five advantages of dating someone that’s ten or more years older than you.

1. You’re less likely to get into a fight, even if you snap at him, because he’s tolerant.

A mature, grown-up man will think nothing of a young woman taking her frustrations out on him, because he’s used to facing much more unreasonable things as an adult living in today’s society. Older men know how to tolerate women’s sometimes emotional, self-indulgent requests with kindness, a skill younger guys aren’t likely to have honed yet.