8 Comments He Hates to Hear after Getting Together with Friends

You know he is having a great time with his friends. You feel left out and want to let him know that you are not particularly happy about it. Be careful how you express your loneliness and frustration, though, or you may end up in a fight. Today, we gathered some of the comments men hate to hear after a night out with their buddies. We hope they help you avoid arguing unnecessarily with your boyfriend.

1. “Were there any female friends?”

You are tempted to check out his circle of friends. We know—you just don’t like him hanging around women. Even so, you need to show a little more understanding about his social life and recognize that it may sometimes include female friends. Relax and don’t be threatened by every woman he comes across in his life.

2. “By the way, did you exchange phone numbers with a woman?”

You suspect that there may be a new female friend on the scene and he may have exchanged his contact information with her. That’s a lot of maybes. Here is another one: If you are overly suspicious, he may feel your love is too restrictive. If you happen to know that there is a new female friend, so what? Be confident and don’t let that bother you.

3. “I cannot stand to think that you had fun with another girl.”

Your imagination is taking off on its own and now you have no doubt that he was having a great time with another girl. You may feel anxious that he has gone out without you, but accusing him based on your wild imagination lacks merit and leads to nothing good.

4. “You’re not having an affair, are you?”

You ask him for his confirmation—yea or nay on having an affair. Sometimes, you have a difficult time believing that he is out with his guy friends. You may begin to suspect that there’s a chance he is having an affair. While it may be beneficial for you to ask this question spontaneously to catch him off guard, asking constantly will have an adverse effect. He will take it as a sign of distrust.

5. “Do you have more fun being with your friends?”

You compare his friends to yourself. This is a tough question for him to answer. The closer the friendship he shares with his friends, the more jealous you get. Still, it’s unfair to ask him to choose and this question should be avoided.

6. “You always have fun with your friends. You never take me anywhere fun.”

You are being passive-aggressive and hinting that his date night ideas are not nearly as much fun as his nights out with his friends. He comes home in a good mood after a great night out with his guy friends and then you put a damper on the fun. If you feel he’s been neglecting you, you should let him know, but you should be selective about when, where, and how you bring it up.

7. “I was so lonely.”

You are being honest about how you felt, but this comment can trigger two polar opposite reactions in men. Some may find it adorable, while others find it accusatory and even relationship-threatening. You need to study his personality carefully before you tell him you were lonely.

8. “That’s it for this month.”

You limit how often he can go out with his friends. Your controlling nature surfaces and ties him down too much. You need to learn to give him enough slack, or he’ll start to feel suffocated.