9 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend Indirectly What He’s Secretly Into

Based on a questionnaire we carried out, around one-third of girls have a fetish that they won’t admit to. There’s a huge variety of things that turn people on, whether those are things they can openly tell others or things they prefer to keep hidden. But if you can share your preferences with your boyfriend, you may be able to deepen your relationship. So, in this article, we’re talking with the girls about 9 ways to ask your boyfriend indirectly what he’s secretly into. 

1. Say, “Okay, question! What do you think I’m into?” and get your boyfriend to ask you in turn.

“Make it a game where, if he gets it right, he has to answer you next.” This strategy sees your guy first trying to answer what he thinks you’re into, and then switching roles. Guys who like quizzes and guessing will enjoy getting their teeth into this one.