9 Things that Make Guys Think Long-Distance Relationships Aren’t Worth the Trouble

Long-distance relationships present even more obstacles to success than usual in relationships, and some unexpected things can leave guys feeling unsatisfied. If you don’t pay attention to these things, you could be risking your relationship. So what do you need to be careful of? In this installment, we’re sharing 9 things that make guys think their long-distance relationships aren’t worth the trouble, based on a survey of guys.

1. When I want to see her right away but can’t.

“If I have to make plans in advance whenever I want to see her, I can’t handle that,” said one guy. Lots of guys get lonely when they aren’t able to meet up with their girlfriends whenever they want. Since this feeling is shared on both sides, rather than complaining, “I want to see you,” try to be more positive by saying something like, “I’m looking forward to our next date.”