9 Reasons Why Women Hesitate to Make a Move on Their Crush

Men and women experience similar feelings when they like someone. However, many women find it difficult to approach guys proactively. Why do women hesitate to show their interest when their crush is right beside them? This time, based on the result of our survey of women, we introduce “9 reasons why women hesitate to make a move on their crush.”

1. She doesn’t want him to think she’s “just looking for a boyfriend”

“I’m afraid that he would think I’m easy.” Many women fear appearing too “easy.” However, unless he is really popular, most guys are happy if a woman makes the first move. Approach him with confidence and give yourself a chance, like creating an opportunity for you to exchange numbers.

2. She’s not confident and doesn’t think she’s attractive enough

“It’s more than enough to stare at a hot guy from afar.” Some women are overwhelmed by how attractive their crush is. However, confidence is subjective. Making an effort in the way you dress and putting on nice makeup should make you feel more confident and give you more courage.

3. They are in the same class or work in the same office, and have many mutual acquaintances

“It would be awkward if he said no.” It’s not surprising that women cannot make a move on a guy casually when they have a lot of mutual acquaintances. You should consider deepening your trust as friends or colleagues, rather than making a sudden move.

4. She doesn’t know if he’s single or taken

“I’m not close enough to him to ask.” If you’re not close enough to him to know his relationship status, you need to addressed this problem before you think about romance. Get to know him first so you can make small talk, and find out what kind of a person he is. You should be able to find out about his relationship status from your casual daily conversations.

5. She’s nervous because there’s a big age difference

“I feel like he wouldn’t even consider me as girlfriend material.” Some women like guys who are significantly older than they are and think they might be too young. Often older guys won’t make a move on a younger woman out of consideration. If you have the courage to tell him you are fond of him, you might have a good chance.

6. She’s never made a move on a guy, and she doesn’t know how

“I have no clue what I need to do.” Women don’t need to be as obvious as guys when making a move. You can talk to him often or ask him for his number. Making a conscious effort to create opportunities to get closer to him should be enough.

7. She saw him flirting with other women

“Ugh, I have no chance.” Some women see that their crush is flirting with other women and get discouraged before they even give it a try. But you can never judge what someone feels inside from how things appear on the surface. You should talk to him so you can be the girl having a great conversation with him.

8. She wants to keep things the way they are for a little longer in order to get close to him

“I don’t want to change how things are between us.” Quite a few women told us that they want to maintain the comfortable friendship they have with their crush. However, if you remain friends for too long, you will have a harder time getting out of the friend zone. You need to have the courage to take your relationship to the next level, like asking him out for a meal.

9. He doesn’t seem interested because he doesn’t ask her for her number

“He’s clearly not interested.” Some women get discouraged by the guy’s lack of interest. However, if he’s inexperienced, he might not know how to make a move on you. If he doesn’t ask you for your number, be the one to ask him for his. It’s OK for you to be the one taking the lead.