“You Were Amazing Before We Started Dating”: 9 Types of Good-For-Nothing Guys That Disappoint Women

At first, you thought he was amazing, but he proved you wrong once you started dating. Many women have experienced something like this. How can you identify guys who seem great on the surface but are actually good-for-nothing? This time, we surveyed women to introduce “‘You were amazing before we started dating.’: 9 types of good-for-nothing guys that disappoint women.”

1. He seems to care for you, but he’s actually possessive and controls everything you want to do.

“I initially thought he was just really into me…” Guys who are overly concerned about what their girlfriend gets up to are often very controlling. Before you start dating someone, check how he reacts when you tell him you have plans with your friends, and be alert if he starts asking unnecessary questions, such as “who with?” and “where?”