5 Reasons Why I Lost Hope During Our First Vacation

It’s exciting to go on vacation with your new boyfriend for the first time, and you’re hoping to spend quality time with him. Before you get too excited about the upcoming trip, however, you need to remember that there are some taboos to watch out for during your getaway with him. Today, we asked a group of young, single men, who are aged between their late teens and late 20s, to share their experiences from previous trips and why they came home disappointed with their girlfriends.

1. She left everything, from the planning to the packing, up to him.

“I asked her for some input, but she offered no insight. She didn’t even bother to research the location. I got really irritated…” a man in his late 20s recalls. It’s your vacation, too. Don’t leave him hanging to decide everything by himself. If he searched for the best hotel, you should contribute by exploring local restaurants to have dinner at. It’s only fair for you to be involved in the decision making and planning process.