“You’re Letting Love Control Your Life!” 9 Things You Do That Shock Your Female Friends

You are over the moon because you got a boyfriend, then you get depressed because you fought with him. You need to be careful if you go on an emotional rollercoaster with every little thing that happens in your love life. Your female friends might give you a cold look and think that “you are being pathetic.” This time, based on our survey of women, we introduce “‘You’re letting love control your life!’ 9 things you do that shock your female friends.”

1. You don’t put down your phone, even when you are with people, so you can respond to your boyfriend right away

“She’s staring at her phone even when she’s with friends.” Your friends will find it annoying when you cannot focus on their conversation because you are waiting restlessly for your boyfriend’s text. If you absolutely need to get in touch with him, excuse yourself for a moment to contact him.