“Whoa! You’re gonna’ make me fall in love with you.” 5 Compliments That Men Find Irresistible

It goes without saying that all men love to receive compliments from women. If you find the right praise to boost his ego, he’ll find you irresistible. Today, based on survey responses we received from young, single men aged between their late teens and late 20s, we’ll introduce you to some of these compliments that shook the core of many a man.

1. “You are too funny!” Compliment his sense of humor.

“Her comments like, ‘You really know how to liven up the conversation’ or ‘You’re so quick’ are the ultimate compliments to me,” acknowledges a man in his late teens. Having a good sense of humor is not something you can learn in a day, so admiring his ability to make people laugh will definitely make his day. This type of comment can be used casually, so even if you don’t see him as a potential boyfriend yet, it’s still easy to stroke his ego.