“Six Girlfriend Must-Haves” What Guys Look for in Women

You’ve been working to get the attention of a certain someone and you wonder when he’s going to ask you out on a date. Yet, he doesn’t seem to show any interest in starting a relationship with you. Why do you think that is? It could be that you lack the basic qualities he seeks in a girlfriend. Today, we asked guys for their opinions on the minimum qualities or characteristics that they think their girlfriends ought to have.

1. She does not lie.

Regardless of whether you’ll be in a relationship with him, being truthful and straightforward is a basic quality he seeks in a potential girlfriend. In order to build an honest relationship based on a mutual trust, this quality is essential. Quite a number of men went even further and stated that they seek women who do not tend to cheat. Perhaps “lying” and “cheating” are synonymous in their minds.