5 Moments When He Considers Ending a Long-Term Relationship

You’ve been dating him for quite some time, and everything seems to be rosy from the outside. What if, though, something you said or did without much thought makes him reconsider the relationship? What if he’s considering breaking up with you? Today, we gathered a panel of single men aged between their late teens and late 20s and asked if there’s a detrimental moment when they consider breaking up with their girlfriends.

1. When she bad-mouthed my family and friends.

“If she makes fun of my parents, I feel that she’s making fun of me. I’ll immediately discount her as a potential partner,” an adamant young man in his late 20s speaks up. Criticizing his family members or close friends, even when you are in the right to do so, can and will create irreparable damage to your relationship. You need to learn to bite your tongue when there are strong emotional ties involved.