“She makes my heart skip a beat!” The 9 Unexpected Sides of a Wallflower

Generally, men find it easier to communicate with outgoing and bubbly women and they tend to fall in love with them. In contrast, it seems that introverted and reserved women are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a loving relationship. Or are they? The fact is, there are plenty of cases where men are unexpectedly love-struck by quiet women. We surveyed men to reveal the hidden charms they found in wallflowers.

1. You try hard to express your feelings.

Some men find it irresistible watching an introverted woman try to express her feelings. “I know she finds it difficult to communicate with others, yet she never gives up. I’m moved by her effort.” “She doesn’t say much, but she articulates what she says. I find that unique.” Even if it’s not easy for you to say the perfect thing every time, when you find that special someone who takes time to listen to you, he will appreciate your effort and quality.