9 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating When You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

In a long-distance relationship, you don’t know what your boyfriend is up to day to day, and it’s only natural to wonder if he’s got something going on with another girl. What are the signs that make girls totally sure their boyfriends are cheating? In this installment, we’ll be sharing moments that made girls suspect that their boyfriends were cheating, based on a survey of single people.

1. When you call, he almost never picks up. When you actually get through, he says “I’m busy” and hangs up right away.

“I felt like he was with someone… then I found out later on he was out to eat with the girl he was cheating on me with,” said one girl. If your boyfriend doesn’t answer when you call, it could be because he’s with another woman. He could also just be out with some male friends, though, so just asking him “Are you with someone?” might be a good approach.