5 Occasions When He Can’t Help But Compare You to His Ex

It’s not the best feeling in the world to discover that your boyfriend has been comparing you to his ex-girlfriend. On the other hand, there’re certain moments when he can’t help strolling down memory lane and reminiscing over how things were with his ex. So, what exactly are these moments? We asked single men ranging in age from their late teens to their late 20s to discover what triggers his mind into recalling his past.

1. When your date takes place somewhere he previously visited with his ex.

“If I’ve been there with my ex, I can’t help recalling the event,” a young man in his late teens explains. You can’t keep avoiding all the places he went to with his ex, but visiting the same place and engaging in the same activities is going to remind him of his past. If he’s particularly knowledgeable about the location, gently persuade him to put the past behind him and open a new chapter in his life with you. “I see you’ve been here before, but let’s make a new memory with me in it!”